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Strive Personal Training

During your small group, personal training session the entire gym will be reserved for personal training clients. This means your session will be meticulously crafted to your fitness and athletic goals with no more than 3 other clients present at the same time. This allows one-on-one cueing and guidance with our trainer while also providing the opportunity for group comradery and competition that we find motivates our clients to push their personal limits! 

If you do not see a time below that works for your schedule, contact us!


Personal Training Packages



Pay Per Session

Two sessions/week

Ideal for the client with a changing schedule, in town temporarily, or trialing your first session. We think you will keep coming back for more! 


Three sessions/week 

For the client with big strength, endurance, health, or aesthetic goals. Ideal for a client training for a competition or prepping for a season, making a drastic change for your health, or "getting in shape" for a big life event. Your plan will be structured to see achieve your goals quickly and maintain them long term.  

Ideal for a client looking for accountability, making a long-term life change, adding consistency to their weekly schedule, building discipline,  and wanting to set long term results. 

Package Pricing Coming Soon. 

Purchase + Book individual sessions from the calendar below. Contact us if you are interested in a package before they go live on our website. 

Head Trainer: Casey Stauffer 

My passion for health and wellness started at a young age excelling on the football field and in the weight room. After college I started to explore other forms of exercise and new ways to move my body. I have done everything from marathons, power lifting, athletic training, CrossFit you name it I've tried it. My goal is to now share this knowledge with the world! I'm here to help you find forms of exercise that you enjoy and keep you motivated & committed to reach your goals! I work with clients at all skill levels and age groups from D1 collegiate athletes to seniors that are working to be able to lift their grandchildren.  I don't believe in reinventing the wheel,  fad diets, or the newest piece of workout equipment. I believe in hard work, consistency and movement. Thats what gets results! 

Overall my goal is to help you reach your goals! Whether that's losing weight, gaining muscle or training for your next competition. I'm here to push you to be better than you were yesterday and support you in your fitness journey. I truly believe fitness can be for everyone whether you have been working out for 20 years or 2 days im here to help! 

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