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Get To Know Us

Discover the heart behind Strive, a labor of love founded by Casey and Kirsten Stauffer. As a family-run business, our mission is to foster a supportive community committed to enhancing health, fitness, and overall wellness. Inspired by our journey of balancing family and health outside the corporate realm, we invite you to join us in prioritizing your well-being and embracing a lifestyle fueled by dedication and passion.


Casey Stauffer

 Certified Personal Trainer : Co-Owner

My passion for health and wellness started like many of them do: a washed up athlete looking for new ways to move my body! I was introduced to training at a young age excelling on the football field and in the weight room. After college I started to experiment with different forms of exercise. Marathons, power lifting, athletic training, crossfit, you name it and I’ve tried it! After years of exploring with various forms of exercise, I decided to become certified as a personal trainer and share what I know with the world- or at least my Charleston community. After several years of private personal training Strive was born! The majority of our classes are built with a “hybrid” approach which combines strength training with high intensity or endurance training. I coach this way because it is personally what I enjoy and have seen results from. Along with being an avid weight lifter, I love running as well as doing high intensity exercise that leave nothing left in the tank. I don’t believe there is one form of exercise that is better than another or most optimal- I believe in hard work, consistency and movement that’s what gets results!

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Kirsten Stauffer

Doctor of Physical Therapy : Co-Owner

Meet Kirsten Stauffer, a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy committed to seamlessly integrating physical therapy into your fitness journey. Graduating from The Ohio State University in 2019, Kirsten embarked on a transformative two-year journey, practicing her skills across the country in diverse physical therapy settings. Inspired by her own experiences, especially after becoming a mother, Kirsten is fervently passionate about prenatal and postpartum fitness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Her expertise extends from orthopedic assessments catering to fitness newcomers to seasoned athletes. Kirsten's mission is to empower clients from various populations to embrace a holistic approach to wellness, ensuring that physical therapy becomes an integral and enriching component of their fitness endeavors.


We are excited to meet + train with you!

Overall our goal with Strive is to give you guys an incredible place to train, to create a community where people can push themselves to new limits and be a place where everyone feels welcome whether you have been training for 2 decades or 2 days!

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